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About this portal

  • Individuals who hold a security clearance and wish to submit a Change of Personal Circumstances form can do so from this portal.
  • If it has been identified that an Aftercare Incident Report (AIR) should be raised, individuals who are not Sponsors and therefore do not hold a Sponsor account, can submit an AIR from this portal.
  • If you are an authenticated Sponsor with a Sponsor account, you can log in to your account from this portal.
  • If you are a vetting Subject with an ongoing clearance application, you can log in to your account from this portal.
  • If you are an individual currently completing a Change of Personal Circumstances Form, a Security Appraisal Form, a Written Testimony or a Financial Questionnaire, you can log in to your account from this portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have forgotten my Username how can I retrieve it?
Click the ‘Forgotten your username’ link and enter the details as provided when you activated your account. You will be sent an email which details your username.
I have forgotten my Password how can I retrieve it?
Forgotten or lost passwords cannot be retrieved, they can only be re-set. If you have to re-set your password you will lose any information you have already entered into your form, therefore it is important that you keep your password safe. Click the ‘Forgotten your password’ link and enter your username. You will be sent an email which will direct you to change your password. If you do not receive a response within 3 hours, you may be using an incorrect username. Please use the ‘Forgotten your username’ link.
I have forgotten my PIN how can I retrieve it?
If you have forgotten your PIN, or wish to generate a new one, you can re-set it by navigating to the 'My Account' page, select 'Forgotten PIN' and follow the instructions provided. Please be aware that by re-setting your PIN, any data already entered into all the forms you have created but not yet submitted will be lost.
My account has been locked, how can it be unlocked?
Your account will be locked after 5 unsuccessful attempts to log on. You must contact your Sponsor who will be able to unlock your account if this happens. Please do not contact our Enquiry Centre. Our advisors do not have the ability to unlock individual accounts.
I am unable to match the required information in order to register my account?
If you are a vetting Subject completing an application for clearance or clearance review; In order to activate your account you must exactly match the details which have been entered by your Sponsor. If you believe your details are incorrect you need to contact your Sponsor to have them corrected.

If you have received a request to complete a Financial Questionnaire, a Written Testimony or a Security Appraisal Form; in order to activate your account you must provide your first name and surname exactly as it appears in the email that was sent to you.
What is an Aftercare Incident Report (AIR) and who can raise one?
Aftercare Incident Reports can be raised by anybody but usually it is a local Security Officer. They are raised when actual or potential security concerns exist about an individual who holds a security clearance. Should information become available that raises doubts about an individual’s suitability for access to protectively marked or sensitive assets, the circumstances must be reported to the vetting provider.
What is a Change of Personal Circumstance form and when do I need to submit one?
If you are the holder of a security clearance you must report any changes in your personal circumstances to your Line Manager/Supervisor, personnel security team or Security Controller and the vetting provider.
Requirements for submitting a Change of Personal Circumstances form are:
- getting married, entering a Civil Partnership or starting to live with a partner as a couple,
- change of forename or surname,
- criminal conviction, arrest or caution,
- changed, new or revoked nationality, including naturalisation,
- a substantial change in financial circumstances, both loss and gain,
- when a new co-resident begins living with you in shared accommodation (DV holders only).
I have received an email asking me to complete a Written Testimony for an individual who is undergoing security vetting. Why am I asked to create an account?
To ensure all your information is protected, you must create your own portal account with a username and password that only you know. Your written testimony is unique to the person who is being vetted and is relevant only to their individual case.
I am a line manager for an individual who holds a security clearance and I have received an email asking me to complete a Security Appraisal Form. What is this and why do I need to complete it?
All holders of a Developed Vetting (DV) security clearance, and in some circumstances holders of Enhanced SC clearance, are required to complete an annual Security Appraisal Form (SAF) on the anniversary of the date their clearance was granted. For further information regarding this please visit
I have received an email asking me to create an account in order to provide some information. What information is required and why am I asked to create an account?
Part of the security clearance process, or the ongoing confirmation of a persons suitability to retain a clearance, requires us to carry out credit reference checks and a review of personal finances. In most cases, this is done by reference to a commercial credit rating agency although occasionally their information is inconclusive and we require more details. Additionally, if the subject of these checks has lived abroad or in service/university accommodation during the past five years, our credit reference agency may not have sufficient visibility of credit agreements.
If you fall into one of these categories, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire regarding your financial circumstances.